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Legal Document & Form Preparation in Reno, NV

There are a lot of different reasons that you may require legal assistance in Reno, Nevada. You can take advantage of our professional legal document and form preparation services in Reno for the following purposes and many others.

Divorce Assistance in Reno (With and Without Kids)

Surveys show that the state of Nevada has the highest divorce rates in the country, and many of these divorces take place in Reno. In fact, approximately 13.9 percent of people in Nevada are divorced.

But did you know that Reno and high divorce rates have a history that dates back decades?

In the 1930s, the city of Reno started making it very easy for people to get divorced. Back then, the local government required only a six-weeks residency to get divorced, while people in other parts of the country had to wait up to a year for divorce proceedings.

Whether you have kids or not, We The People can assist you with completing all the documents and forms you need to reverse those vows, once and for all.

Bankruptcy Assistance in Reno

Unfortunately, bankruptcy is quite common in Reno, and going through bankruptcy proceedings require a great deal of legal expertise. According to the United States Bankruptcy Court for the District of Nevada, there were 1,696 total bankruptcy case filings in Reno in 2015. This includes pro se and non-pro se filings for Chapter 7, Chapter 11, Chapter 12, Chapter 13, and Chapter 15.

Let us help you navigate the complicated world of the bankruptcy process and help you find your way back to financial stability.

Living Trust Assistance in Reno (Joint and Single)

Living trusts are beneficial for both single adults and married couples. In Reno, living trusts help you to avoid putting your family through a long probate matter and expensive court proceedings.

A living trust differs from a will because this legal document allows you to put your assets into a trust for your benefit during your lifetime and then transfer them to designated beneficiaries. This transfer is done at the time of your death by the representative you choose, who is called a successor trustee.

When you work with We the People on your joint or single living trust in Reno, you will avoid probate, save money on court costs, and secure your privacy since living trusts are not distributed publicly.

Guardianship Assistance in Reno

Securing guardianship in Reno can be a challenge if you’ve never navigated this corner of the legal system before. Guardianship of minors is the court process allowing someone other than a child’s parents to be appointed as a legal guardian and have oversight over the child’s welfare and property.

In Reno, guardianship forms include a petition for guardianship with hearing or petition for guardianship of minor without hearing, and often an addendum. In addition to these common forms, we can also help you achieve guardianship for an adult and file the necessary accounting and inventory reports required by Nevada state law.

Power of Attorney Assistance in Reno (Health and Finance)

What would you do if an accident, illness, or the aging process left you unable to make decisions for yourself about your health and finances?

At We The People in Reno, Nevada, we can help you complete the power of attorney forms you need to give you peace of mind and plan for the worst. Medical power of attorneys is a health care directive that requires a trusted person to oversee your care if you become unable to do to. We can also help you establish a financial power of attorney to enable someone you trust to make financial transactions on your behalf.

Contact our Reno staff at 775-853-4400 or via email at to learn more about these power of attorney options.

Location Summary

We the People in Reno, Nevada offers divorce, bankruptcy, living trust, guardianship, power of attorney, and many other valuable legal services. We offer over 50 legal document service in our Reno document preparation office. Documents are created by our in-house Nevada licensed attorney, so you can rest assured that your legal needs are being handled properly and efficiently. Our friends and neighbors here rely upon us to help them save money for nearly every legal need with the services we provide.

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