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Legal Document & Form Preparation in Woodland Hills, CA

If you’re like most Americans, you’ll be faced with preparing personal legal documents or going to court at some point in your life. Our Woodland Hills, CA office specializes in document preparation for the following legal services and many more.

Living Trust Online

One way to avoid the complications of a prolonged probate matter is to establish a Living Trust Online. You can help your family avoid expensive court proceedings and appoint a trustee to manage your finances in the way you want in case you become incapacitated. When you create a Living Trust document online, you can change it at any time to make sure your money goes to who you want it to.

Probate without a Will

Handling the estate of a deceased loved one is often less complicated when there’s a will, but not everyone creates a will during their lifetimes. You likely have many questions that need answers if there is no will, including how to handle life insurance proceeds, property that’s held in a living trust, stocks and securities, and bank accounts.

Probate courts generally begin this process by identifying heirs and appointing a personal representative to handle these matters. When there is no will, probate laws guide this process, with many forms to file and the final wishes of the deceased taken into account.

Annulment Forms

People choose to file an annulment for both personal and religious reasons; however, they require legally recognized reasons to be valid. You may need information on which Annulment Forms to file if one party was married to someone else when you got married, if one party was under the age of consent at the time of marriage, or if one party was of unsound mind when you were married.

Limited Liability Company Paperwork

There are many business advantages to forming an LLC, and Limited Liability Company Paperwork to complete to make it happen. You’ll need to choose a name for your business, file Articles of Organization, and pay a filing fee to get started. Other forms that you might need a bit of guidance on include the LLC Operating Agreement, which establishes the rights and responsibilities for the LLC members, and any licenses or permits that may be required to get your business up and running.

Trademark Registration Application Form

You can trademark many things that are essential to your business or brand, such as a logo, company name, line of products, slogan, or design used for brand recognition. It also allows you to legally use the ® symbol with your product.

At We The People, our experienced document preparers will help you assemble your application, identify any potential conflicts, and even help you with the renewal process after completing your initial Trademark Registration Application Form.

Child Support Papers

Child support cases in Woodland Hills, CA are often tricky and require a great deal of paperwork. All California courts use the same basic forms, but some local courts require additional forms as well. You can trust us to help you with all the Child Support Papers you need for custody and visitation to help your children stay safe and cope with this difficult time.

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We The People Woodland Hills specializes in Divorce, Incorporation, Living Trust and Wills, Power of Attorney, Real Estate Deeds, Child Support and Visitation, Trademark, Eviction, Bankruptcy, Notary and much more. Celebrating 18 years in Woodland Hills.

Our living trusts are done by an attorney. Free parking in the back.

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