It is not uncommon for couples in the United States to separate legally before they complete the divorce process. While a long legal separation could make it emotionally easier to file for divorce down the road, it could also lead to complications when it is time to do your own divorce documentation. Before you put off divorce paperwork preparation, consider the consequences of that long separation.

Marital Assets and Control
Since you are no longer living together, you do not know what your spouse is doing with your marital assets. Your spouse could be getting into debt, hiding assets or selling them without your knowledge. Even though you are separated, you could still be liable for any debt your spouse accumulates during that separation, especially with joint credit and bank accounts.

Circumstance Changes Could Impact Your Divorce Paperwork Preparation
The longer you wait to do your own divorce, the more chances there are for your spouse’s financial situation to change. For example, if your spouse loses his/her job or goes on disability, your child support and alimony settlements could be much less.

Alimony laws can change as well — making them more favorable for your spouse. Stay abreast with alimony changes, but also avoid waiting too long to file.

You Are Tied Legally Until You Are Divorced

It does not matter how you have separated your finances during the legal separation. Because you are still married, you are legally liable for any financial or legal problems your spouse creates. For example, if your spouse is sued or files a fraudulent joint tax return, you too are liable for the consequences as long as you are married.

The disadvantages of waiting to do your own divorce significantly outweigh any advantages to a long legal separation. The longer you wait, the harder your divorce situation might become. You can file for divorce on your own and complete the paperwork without paying for a high-priced attorney.

We the People can help you prepare your own divorce paperwork so that you can get the process moving along. Filing for divorce yourself is the first step in protecting your family, assets and your liability risks — and We the People can help you get started.

Start the divorce paperwork preparation process today. Find a local store near you or make an appointment for your free consultation to discuss how to do your own divorce documentation now.