The law recognizes that there are many circumstances when legal guardianship of a minor should be appointed. In some cases, a child is living in an unhealthy and/or unhappy environment. In some cases, the parents may not make enough money to afford the responsibility of raising a child, leaving the minor with insufficient food, poor medical care, and inadequate clothing.
In all cases where guardianship of a minor is considered, the parents of the minor are unable or unwilling to care for the child. Family law allows a relative and even a friend of the family to file for guardianship. The local courts can also petition for legal guardianship of a minor in cases of abuse and neglect.

To file for guardianship is to start a legal procedure in which an adult requests the authority to care for and support the minor. Guardianship is necessary when a child’s parents die leaving the child orphaned – but if the child is otherwise not being adequately cared for by his or her parents, another adult can also file for guardianship.

4 Reasons to Take Guardianship of a Minor
The following are reasons why it may be a good idea to file for guardianship:

1. The child’s parents are no longer alive.
2. The child is living in unsafe conditions due to alcohol or drug abuse by the parents.
3. The parents are unable or do not want to care for the child and often leave the child alone to fend for him or herself.
4. The parents are abusive – physically, mentally, or verbally – or the child is showing signs of abuse.

Filing for guardianship is a legal process and as such it is defined by family law. If you want to file for guardianship of a minor child, you must prepare a Petition for Appointment of Guardian and file it with the local court. Before the courts get involved, however, it is imperative that you have carefully reviewed the situation, that you have the means to care for the minor child, and that you have the proper paperwork. If you are filing for guardianship, you want to be sure that you have carefully handled the paperwork to ensure the best outcome for the child.

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