More and more couples are realizing that while it is not an easy task, it certainly is possible to file for divorce without a lawyer. For better or worse, many legal experts agree this is true – more divorces are filed in January than during any other month of the year. So much so that January is known as ‘divorce month’! It could be because the cheerful spirit of the holidays is over. Or perhaps individuals want to get over unpleasant business right at the start of a New Year. Whatever the reasons may be, the first and coldest month of the year is also reported to be the most popular time of the year to file for divorce.

When either party in the marriage has decided it is time to end the marriage, filing for divorce on your own is a viable alternative to the more expensive, traditional path of hiring a lawyer. This is especially true when the two parties can reasonably agree on the terms of how to move forward separately.

Steps to File for Divorce without a Lawyer
The following steps are recommended when you want to file for divorce without a lawyer:

1. The spouses should come to an agreement on all financial issues – division of property and allocation of debt, for example.
2. Next, the spouses should work out child custody and visitation as well as child support.
3. Obtain and fill out the divorce paperwork required by the state of residence.

Most states have uncontested divorce paperwork available online, but even if you have 100% agreement on all issues, it is important to have someone experienced in divorce document preparation to help you prepare them. At We the People, we’ll help you prepare your divorce paperwork in such a way that you can be clear and confident.

While people have a list of theories about why January is the highest time for divorces – ranging from year-end reflections and resolutions to giving the kids one last holiday together – the fact is that many people file for divorce without a lawyer in January – if this is you, stop in one of our stores today.

If you want to file for divorce without a lawyer, have We the People prepare your divorce paperwork. Find a local store near you in New York, New Jersey, California, Washington, or Florida. Make an appointment today for a FREE CONSULTATION today and you can continue filing for divorce on your own.