Legal documents — divorce paperwork, deeds, articles of incorporation, etc. — all have detailed processes. When these types of documents are prepared without the required attention to detail, it could result in a costly or devastating delay. While you could hire an attorney in California, a legal document preparation service can help you prepare the documents while you file them yourself — saving you time and money.

Accuracy is Key With Legal Document Preparation

Legal document services are meant to supplement do-it-yourself processes. They do not provide legal advice, but they do ensure your documents are accurately prepared. This is especially important if you are working within a tight timeframe, and do not have time for your documents to be rejected and your case put on hold.

Legal Document Help Software Lacks Complexity
While you could use legal document software, the capabilities of these programs vary. Some county rules may vary and software does not always take this into account. Additionally, software often does not have the forms you need and cannot assist you with situations that are more complex. For example, estate documents range from simple to highly detailed. These software programs do not have the capacity to help you fill out more complex estate documents, such as guardianship for young children. A legal document preparation service in CA, specifically Marina Del Rey, will provide all the forms and workbooks to help you reach your goals.

Working with We the People has another advantage over software and other services: We walk you through the document preparation process and make sure things are done and signed off on in the correct order.

You Save Time and Money
An attorney can charge several hundred dollars an hour to complete forms that you can do yourself. While a legal document preparation service is not a law office and cannot provide you with legal insight, they can help you prepare your documents without an attorney — saving you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars in the process. Attorneys work on busy schedules, which means you could wait a few weeks to meet, discuss your plans, and finalize your paperwork. Most preparation services can complete your documents quickly, helping you speed up the process.

If you want to skip the hassles and costs of an attorney, but do not want to deal with the complex paperwork, a legal document preparation service is your answer. We the People offers legal document preparation to those who need an intermediary in the do-it-yourself legal process.

Get started with your legal document preparation today. Find a local store in Marina Del Rey or make an appointment for a free consultation for legal document help now.