In A No Fault Divorce,
Lawyers May Not Be Needed

No Fault Divorce Lawyers Can Be Expensive

divorce or dissolution of marriage can be complex and time-consuming if you and your spouse can’t agree on the details or if one of you isn’t ready to end the marriage. In many cases, however, both parties agree that the marriage is at an end. In these situations, no fault divorce lawyers can represent each of you separately and file the needed paperwork.

If you consult with an attorney, he or she will tell you that each party has to have their own divorce lawyer because sharing one would be a conflict of interest. In many cases, each attorney will also request a retainer of at least $1000 before beginning any work on their client’s behalf.

The Hidden Costs Of No Fault Divorce Lawyers

You may occasionally see an advertisement for no fault divorce lawyers offering a flat fee to prepare your paperwork, but it is important to understand that the quoted price doesn’t usually include additional costs for filing, telephone calls, court costs and other expenses. If you decide to work with no fault divorce lawyers, be sure you understand the costs.

Saving Money And Time With No Fault Divorce Forms

The good news is that if you and your soon-to-be ex-spouse can agree on a settlement between yourselves, you can fill out no fault divorce forms without using any attorneys. At We The People USA, we can walk you through the no fault divorce paperwork so that you can file the needed documents yourself and save a considerable amount of money on legal fees. Because these forms can be complex and confusing, We The People will prepare the divorce forms for you. Our friendly, dedicated staff can assist you with no fault divorce forms such as:

  • No Fault Divorce Complaint
  • Response or Answer to No Fault Divorce Complaint
  • Settlement Agreement
  • Support Agreement
  • And more

Find a We The People location in your state where our experienced staff can help you fill out everything you need for a No Fault Divorce without lawyers and without excessive fees.

“Peace of Mind for Less”