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Legal Document & Form Preparation in Fort Myers, FL

Quitclaim deeds, Warranty deeds and Life Estate deeds for property sales, transfers, adding or removing parties to or and from Living Trusts are some of our most popular documents we prepare every day for our customers throughout the State of Florida. We charge a flat fee of just $79* and handle the filing in the Florida County where the property is located.

*Does not include the County Clerks filing fee and/or any taxes required

Power of Attorney Documentation

Durable POWER OF ATTORNEY (POA) and Florida Wills are other documents we routinely prepare. We charge a flat fee of $129 for a Florida POA (which includes Health Care Surrogate, Living Will (advance directives and HIPPA forms package). We charge just $99 for a complete FLORIDA WILL no matter the number of beneficiaries or special gifts, and we provide all required Notaries and witnesses for the documents. The documents are usually ready in just one business day. We give a discount if you order both the Power of Attorney package and Will for a low price of just $198.

Divorce Document Preparation

We are the leading and long time provider of all the required and correctly completed DIVORCE documents in our five county area; and if both parties are in agreement, there is NO court hearing and the divorce is usually final in just 30 days! Our fee is a flat $349 for a divorce with no children and $399 with children. (This does not include the court filing fee, which in some cases is waived entirely).

Because of the very large number of small businesses in the State of Florida, we prepare all your Articles of Incorporation or Limited Liability Company documents and file with the State of Florida. If you request us to do so we also obtain your IRS tax ID number, all in just two business days. Our fee is a flat $199 plus filing fee.

We The People is proud to have a strong local presence in Fort Myers, Florida and serve our neighbors with legal document preparation needs. These are just a few of the valuable document preparation services we offer our Fort Myers, FL customers.

Deeds of Trust

A deed of trust is a document typically used to transfer the title of a property from a borrower to a trustee that holds the title as collateral for a loan. With this document, the borrowers have control over the property as long as the loan is still valid and as long as they are meeting the terms of the deed. The title is transferred back to the borrower once the loan has been paid off.

Probate Forms

There are many forms involved in probate procedures, so it’s important to work with legal specialists who can simplify the process and help you navigate each one. These forms are needed when you’re moving the estate of a deceased person through the legal system to enable beneficiaries to receive assets left behind.

Some of the most common probate forms used in our Fort Myers office are Letters of Administration and Letters of Testamentary. The probate court gives the estate’s personal representative these documents to establish that that he has the authority to act on behalf of the deceased’s estate. You may also need to file a Petition for Probate of Will and an Appointment of Personal Representative in connection with your probate case.

Limited Liability Company Documents

Limited Liability Companies, or LLCs, are business entities that differ in many ways from corporations and partnerships. It offers protection to the business owners for company liabilities and also to shareholders.

To declare your business an LLC, you will need to file a set of documents with the Secretary of State’s office. These forms include, but are not limited to, Articles of Organization and an Operating Agreement, which are especially useful if your LLC has multiple members.

Child Custody Forms

If you’re involved in a legal matter that involves children, you may also need assistance with child custody forms. In the state of Florida, you may need to file a Family Law Financial Affidavit, a Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Affidavit, a Supplemental Petition to Modify Court Custody or Visitation or Other Relief, and a Petition for Grandparent Visitation.

Depending on your specific family circumstances, there could be many other forms required to establish custody rights of your children. We can help you determine the forms you need and how to complete them to make this emotionally charged time more manageable.

Location Summary

By The People is a computerized document preparation service. We are comprised of Pro Se Document Preparation Assistants, meaning we empower you to represent yourself in your Legal Matters.