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Professional Legal Document Preparation in Albany, New York

There are many different circumstances that could lead you to become involved in a legal matter in Albany, New York. Fortunately, We The People has an Albany office with trained and professional legal document preparers to assist you.

These are some of the many services that we can offer you assistance with in our Albany office.

Divorce and Legal Separation in Albany

Overall, New Yorkers have one of the lowest divorce rates in the nation, but that certainly doesn’t mean that there still aren’t plenty of couples looking to go their separate ways. Warren County and Saratoga County typically see more divorces than Albany County within the 11-county capital region. In recent years, Albany County has seen a per-capita divorce rate of 2.56, which has placed it at number 52 of the 62 counties in New York.

If you are filing for a divorce in Albany, there are still plenty of forms to fill out and file with the County Clerk’s Office. These include a Summons with Notice or Summons and Complaint, Notice of Automatic Orders, Notice Concerning Continuation of Health Care Coverage, and Settlement Agreement. Legal separation requires a different set of documents that we can help you navigate through as well.

How “One Signature Divorce” works at We The People

We would like to provide our customers with some information about the “One Signature Divorce” process at We The People

Sometimes customers’ spouses might not be willing to sign the divorce papers, and in this situation, our customer may opt to have their spouse process served… so here’s how we handle it at We The People:

After the index number is issued by the court, we will let our customer know that we’ve prepared an Affidavit of Service Form. There is no additional fee for this form — it’s included in our basic economical price.

Now our customer can use any process server they like for the serving of their spouse, or our office can recommend an independent, reputable, licensed process serving company. Process Server charges can range anywhere from approximately $75 to $125, depending on the situation.

Once the spouse is served by the process server, the process server simply completes the Affidavit of Service Form.

If the spouse does not respond within 40 days after being served, our customer simply signs the remaining divorce documents and the divorce documents get filed at court with one signature: our customer’s.

However, if your spouse does respond and retains an attorney and/or contests, then We The People cannot continue handling your Divorce. But don’t worry, we will provide you with all of the forms prepared up to that point, so the fee you paid us is never wasted.

LLC – Incorporation in Albany

If you are starting a new business in Albany, we can help you complete the forms you need to finalize the process. On our website, we provide a helpful PDF brochure to help you determine which type of corporation may best suit your business needs and goals.

Filing for Bankruptcy in Albany

We can also assist you with the paperwork you need to complete to file for bankruptcy in the Northern District of New York. Chapter 7 bankruptcy often takes a few months to complete and wipes out unsecured debt, such as medical debt and credit card debt.

Meanwhile, a Chapter 13 bankruptcy filing typically takes several years to complete and requires you to repay a portion of your debts and stick to a court-mandated budget, rather than giving up your property. You may be able to save money on your bankruptcy proceedings by representing yourself and working with us to ensure the documents are prepared properly.

Wills in Albany

If you do not establish a will during your lifetime, then it’s up to the court to decide how your assets and property will be distributed upon death. Wills are also important for parents in Albany who have young children because a will allows you to state who you want to be responsible for the care of your children (guardian) and their inheritance (custodian).

Deeds in Albany

To finalize your real estate deal without the added expense of attorney’s fees, contact our Albany office at 518-435-9110 or via email at info@WeThePeopleAlbany.com. We’ll help you prepare the forms you need that confirm that an interest, right or property that has passed from one hand to another.

Once your real estate deed is officially signed and notarized, it must be properly recorded or filed with the land authorities in the county of the property. We can also assist you with deeds of trust in our Albany office, which are used to transfer a property title from a borrower to a trustee to hold the title as collateral for a loan.

Albany, New York Location Summary

Our Albany office is located at 900 Central Avenue in The Hannaford Plaza, near the intersection of Colvin Avenue and Central Avenue. We’re open and ready to serve you from 10am to 6pm on weekdays and on Saturdays by Appointment. Please note: we are closed on Saturdays during the months of July, August, November and December. To find us, from Interstate 90, take exit 155 for Everett Avenue towards Central Avenue.

We The People is one of the most trusted names in Legal Document Preparation for more than 25 years, and we would welcome the opportunity to serve you in our Albany office. If you wish to represent yourself (pro se) in an uncontested legal matter, we’ll assist you with the preparation and typing of legal documents to court standards, as well as walk you through the process.