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In our Glendale, California office, We The People specializes in divorcelegal separation, child support, child custody, living trustsdeedsname changesincorporationLLCtrademarks, evictions, bankruptcy, small claims, notary services, and more. We’re your local experts in legal document preparation, with over 25 years of service in communities around the country.

If you wish to represent yourself in an uncontested legal matter, we’re here to help. These are some of the most common legal matters that our Glendale clients seek our help on.

Divorce and Legal Separation in Glendale

Based on recent statistics, the divorce rate in Glendale has been around 7.6 percent. At We The People, our goal is to employ a talented team of legal document assistants to help clients like you with their uncontested divorces. If you are unhappy in your marriage and want to pursue a divorce or legal separation, we can help you complete the forms you need to make it happen.

A Glendale divorce is granted by a California judge after the necessary paperwork has been submitted, all required waiting periods have lapsed and all appearances before the judge are completed. In some cases, it may not be necessary to be physically present in the court to get a divorce.

Child Custody in Glendale

Child custody cases in Glendale can get messy and complicated, but if you are dealing with an uncontested case and wish to represent yourself, we can help. California state law requires that family cases that involve child custody or visitation rights must serve the interest of the child above anything else. If you and your child’s other parent have come to an agreement on how these issues should be handled, we can help you complete the forms you need to finalize the matter in the appropriate court of law.

Child Support in Glendale

It’s no secret that raising a child takes a great deal of time, energy, money, and patience. A set of legal forms is required to establish child support payments, which are ordered by the court and generally made by a noncustodial parent to support one or more minor children. The Los Angeles County Child Support Services Department is the entity responsible for establishing and enforcing support orders when a child receives public assistance or when a parent or legal caretaker requests its assistance.

Registering for a Trademark in Glendale

Trademarks protect logos, designs, words, phrases, or symbols that you have created to represent your company or brand. Not only does a trademark distinguish your company from the competition, but it also has a legal standing in the U.S.

At We The People Glendale, we can help you prepare your trademark application forms for filing with the US Patent Trademark Office. At that point, a complete examination will be conducted, including a search for conflicting marks and an examination of the written application.

Eviction in Glendale

Eviction is the legally recognized removal of a tenant by a landlord from a rental property. The just cause eviction ordinance in Glendale establishes a “requirement that termination of tenancy be brought for good cause and prohibiting retaliation for the exercise of designated rights.” For qualified tenants, relocation benefits may apply. For your uncontested eviction legal needs in the city, contact We The People Glendale to discuss the paperwork required.

Notary Services in Glendale

Notaries are authorized individuals who can perform legal formalities, like certifying contract, deeds, and other important documents. We have certified notaries on staff at our We The People office in Glendale to witness your signature and formalize your legal documentation.

Glendale, California Location Summary

Our Glendale, California office staff is available to assist you with any of these legal matters from 10am to 6pm on weekdays and from 11am to 2pm on Saturdays by appointment. Give us a call today at 818-546-1881 or at 818-546-1787 to schedule your appointment. Or you can email us at

Our Glendale office is located at 1415 East Colorado Boulevard, Suite B, and we’re near the corner of Colorado Street and Verdugo Road. We look forward to serving you in our community and helping you resolve your legal matter in an efficient, professional, and cost-effective way.