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We The People Legal Document Services Offered in Oceanside, California

In our Oceanside, California We The People office, we specialize in divorceliving trusts and willsincorporationpower of attorney, real estate deeds, child support and visitation, and eviction. We also have notaries on staff and can travel if necessary.

You can trust us to assist you with your legal paperwork because we have over 18 years of document preparation experience and thousands of satisfied customers. Read on to learn more about how we can help you with your legal matter in Oceanside.

Oceanside Divorce and Legal Separation

According to local news sources, Oceanside has a higher divorce rate than the average in California, with around 9.3 percent of men and 13.2 percent of women being divorced here. This is compared to eight percent of men and 11 percent of women on average in the state. Family therapists have hypothesized that this higher divorce rate may be due to the strain on military families in the area, the difference in job pay between men and women, and the average commute time to work.

Ending a marriage is never easy, but it can go much smoother if you have some help filling out all the forms you need to make your decision legally recognized. There are different kinds of divorce filings to consider in Oceanside, including no-faultuncontested, and divorces with and without children. The initial form that needs to filled out is a petition or complaint for divorce.

Oceanside Living Trusts and Wills

Creating a will is your opportunity to make your intentions clear and to keep important decisions in your hands. Wills and living trusts are similar in the fact that they help you take control of who receives your property after your death.

We can help you complete the paperwork you need for both types of legal documents to give you peace of mind now and to make life easier on your beneficiaries after you’re gone. Of note, our living trusts are done by an attorney in our Oceanside office.

Oceanside LLC and Incorporations

The creation of a corporation in Oceanside typically requires the preparation and filing of documents with the Secretary of State of California. In most business arrangements, corporations are formed by an incorporator, owned by shareholders, managed by directors, and operated by officers.

Meanwhile, other businesses may want to form a LLC in Oceanside instead because the structure is simpler, requires less paperwork, and has less government oversight. But no matter how much paperwork is required, We The People Oceanside can help you complete what you need to get your business set up the way you want.

Power of Attorney in Oceanside

A power of attorney document is a legal form that gives someone else the authority to act on your behalf for legal, health, or financial matters. You can appoint someone as your general power of attorney to handle all matters, special power of attorney for a specific issue, health care power of attorney to make medical decisions if you are unable to, or durable power of attorney that has a durability provision to keep your current POA intact. We can help you complete the forms you need to ensure that your wishes are carried out if you become incapacitated.

Real Estate Deeds in Oceanside

Our Oceanside team of legal document preparers can also assist you with real estate deeds in Oceanside. Certain legal elements need to be present on California needs, including having the word “deed” stated on the document, using words and phrases like “by these presents” and “hereby,” and having a legal seal affixed to the deed. Our local Oceanside office has the information you need to help you file your deed on time and at the correct location.

Eviction in Oceanside

One of the many common legal matters that our Oceanside friends and neighbors come to us for is eviction. Landlords are typically required to fill out a summons, complaint, and civil case cover sheet for California courts. There can be more than one defendant, and it’s a good idea to list the names of all adults living at the rental unit in question. We can help you determine what other local legal forms you may need to pursue an eviction case.

Oceanside, California Location Summary

You can find our Oceanside office at 3742 Mission Avenue, Suite 100. We are located directly behind Chase Bank at the Mission Shopping Center. And we’re open from 9am to 5pm on weekdays. From CA-76W, just turn left onto Foussat Road and then right on Mission Avenue.

We look forward to serving you in our Oceanside office and can be reached by phone at 760-754-9059 or by email at