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Represent Yourself in Uncontested Legal Matters in Sarasota, Florida

If you want to avoid the time and expense of attorney’s fees and represent yourself in an uncontested legal matter in Sarasota, Florida, we can help. We The People Sarasota specializes in legal document and form preparation for a wide variety of issues. This includes matters of divorce, alimony, bankruptcygreen cards and citizenship, civil suits, child support, time sharing, and more.

Read on to learn why We The People is the most trusted name in document preparation and how we can put our expertise to work for you.

Divorce – Alimony

An increasing number of people are pursuing do-it-yourself divorces in the Sarasota area to save money on attorney costs. This can work well for simple cases without disputes over property or custody.

Meanwhile, alimony is financial support that is ordered by the court after a divorce.

There are many different forms to obtain and complete if you wish to end your marriage. Fortunately, our talented document preparers in Sarasota understand the local laws and what you need to do to achieve the peace, safety, and freedom you deserve.

Filing for Bankruptcy in Sarasota

No one ever hopes to be faced with filing bankruptcy, but if you have determined that this is your best financial option, then we can help.

If you qualify for a Chapter 7 personal bankruptcy filing, We The People Sarasota can act as your Bankruptcy Petition Preparer to help you complete the forms to court standards and file them properly. Although we cannot offer you legal advice, we can provide you with additional information and resources about personal bankruptcy filing and answer questions about the process, the timing, what types of assets or debts are included or excluded in Florida.

The Path to Citizenship in Sarasota, FL

A green card offers permanent residence and gives you the benefits of living, working, and studying in the U.S. It’s is basically good for life if you keep up renewal and eligibility requirements. However, the forms required to obtain a Green Card and citizenship are notoriously difficult to complete, especially if English isn’t your native language. We The People Sarasota can help with a variety of immigration-related documents and forms you need to pursue citizenship and get your green card.

Civil Suits

A civil lawsuit is a court process that involves one person holding another person liable for committing some type of wrongdoing. Our Sarasota document prep team specializes in many different types of civil suits, including many family law matters.

Child Support

Florida law requires that child support cases put the best interests of the involved children first above anything else. You can apply for child support services through the Florida Department of Revenue if you are the parent or caregiver of a child who is owed child support or if you are a parent who is owed unpaid child support. We can help you complete the applications and forms you need to get your child the finances needed to be healthy, happy, and taken care of.

Time Sharing

Similarly, if you are facing a time sharing or custody matter, our Sarasota professionals can assist you. Time sharing involves how a court allocates the time that a child spends with each parent involved. This is the term that Florida courts use and recognize to describe legal relationships between parents and children, typically following a divorce.

Sarasota, FL Location Summary

At We The People Sarasota, our #1 objective is to provide you with the finest, most efficient, and most accurate document preparation services at reasonable prices. Legal matters can be stressful, but we can help with step-by-step personalized solutions.

Come see us in our Sarasota office located at 3003 South Tamiami Trail, which is near the corner of Tamiami and Rose Street. From Downtown Sarasota, you can head southwest on Laurel Street towards Payne Parkway and then turn left at the second cross street onto South Washington Boulevard before making a slight left onto Tamiami.

We’re available to help you on weekdays from 9am to 6pm and on Saturdays by appointment only. So give us a call at 941-894-3733 or email us at to get one step closer to resolving your legal issue, once and for all.