We The People Can Simplify The Immigration Process

“Here I am with my immigration form; it’s big enough to keep me warm,” as Graham Nash once sang. American immigration paperwork is notoriously lengthy and difficult to complete correctly. Just looking at all the forms is enough to discourage anyone from completing the immigration process.

But don’t let the immigration paperwork put you off from becoming an American citizen or permanent resident! We The People USA has the expertise to help you complete your visa paperwork and apply for legal status in the United States.

Immigration Paperwork Doesn’t Have To Be Difficult

Whether you are attempting to complete citizenship paperwork, green card paperwork, or another type of visa paperwork, We The People can help you.

We are familiar with the forms required for fiancé visas, skilled worker visas, and family visas, including immigration paperwork for adopted children. We can also assist you with the paperwork for just about any other kind of immigration visa you require.

We will help you make sure that you’re submitting the correct forms and that you have all of the necessary supporting documentation: for example, your application may require you to submit birth certificates, police clearances, the results of a medical exam, or a copy of your current passport. If you are applying for a fiancé or spousal visa, you may also have to provide proof of your relationship with your sponsor. Additionally, your sponsor will need to file a petition on your behalf and show proof that he or she can provide for you financially. We The People will help you gather all of these extra documents to submit with your immigration application.

Document Preparation At An Affordable Price

If you have already determined which type of visa you will be applying for, why pay an attorney to help you organize your immigration paperwork? We The People will be happy to help you prepare and compile all of the documents for your immigration application.

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