Step-Parent Adoption

Step-Parent Adoption Document Preparation

Step-Parent Adoption Laws Vary from State to State

Adoption is a legal court proceeding that transfers parental rights and duties to an adult other that the child’s biological parent. The most common form of adoption is step-parent adoption. The step-parent takes on legal and financial responsibilities for a spouse’s children and the non-custodial biological parent is released from the same.

While step-parent adoption laws vary from one state to another, the process has various requirements to be met including parental consents, official marriage documentation, an adoption petition, and investigation of the prospective adoptive parent.

The adoption documents that need to be prepared and filed are also different in each state. When you need help preparing those according to your state’s requirements, call on We the People to help you get the job done accurately and efficiently.

We the People has been a trusted name for over 25 years in locating the assistance that you need for preparing step child adoption documents. When you call on our team, we will find you expert help from our reputable and caring offices in California, New Jersey, New York, Washington and Florida.

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Step-Parent Adoption — You Make the Choices, We Prepare the Documents

Typically, step-parent adoption involves:

  • an Adoption Request
  • an Adoption Agreement
  • and then, an Adoption Order

In addition, based on your state’s step-parent adoption laws you may be required by the court to prepare state-specific adoption documents.

At We the People, we can prepare the appropriate step-parent adoption documents and walk you through the process. You can count on our professional and friendly service at a cost that is less than the legal counsel of a lawyer.

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